Corporate Sustainability

At JMac we integrate environmental and social considerations in the way we do business and deliver certainty for the communities in which we operate.

Stewardship of the environment and our communities has always been a priority. We are committed to working with local communities and leaving a lasting legacy through the infrastructure, employment and training we deliver.

Since establishment in 1975, JMac has employed a policy of engaging locally based suppliers and owner operators rather than maintaining our own fleet of equipment. This policy serves to maximise the opportunity for local input with flow on effects in the training and development of locally based staff engaged on our projects. We are proud of the long-term, key supplier relationships that have developed as a result of this philosophy.

JMac promotes corporate sustainability in four areas:

Labour practices

  • Policies and practices striving for HSEQ Excellence through practical leadership initiatives, ongoing training and continuous improvement of business management systems.
  • Equal opportunity employment standards.

Growth and economic benefit

  • Decisions balanced between economic, environmental and community needs over the short and long term.
  • Continued growth of the business delivering increased economic benefit to the community via engineering solutions.

Environment and efficient resource use

  • An environmental management policy that drives positive action communicated to all project participants.
  • A philosophy to optimise resources, minimise waste and maximise reuse.

Community respect and protection

  • Proactive and early engagement that respects the local community and strives to identify the most mutually beneficial outcome.
  • Maximise local community involvement to deliver long term economic and social benefit.