Landscape Construction

JMac has the ability to successfully construct and create unique landscapes of all shapes and forms including streetscapes, boardwalks, buildings and other structures, sporting facilities, playgrounds, parklands and water play areas.


Established in 1975, JMac Constructions (JMac) has evolved into one of the industry’s leading commercial landscape companies.

During this time we have successfully delivered a magnitude of projects varying in scope and scale. Project fields include planned communities, the public realm, recreational and infrastructure and industrial. Experience in greenfield development, infrastructure and large-scale parkland realms enhances our capability to deliver landscape construction services across Queensland.

JMac remains committed to the consistent delivery of high-quality services to its client base across South East Queensland, North Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Northern Territory and maintains successful long term relationships with a host of clients.


JMac specialises in landscape construction including residential, commercial, industrial, public infrastructure, environmental rehabilitation and long-term care and maintenance.

Our successes and reputation has continued due to long term relationships founded on excellent service and a strong network of subcontractors, specialist project partners and suppliers who join our project teams to deliver projects on time and on budget.

JMac is focused on performance and delivery through the ongoing commitment and dedication of a highly skilled and experienced team. JMac’s unique integrated model with other BMD Group businesses means that they are better able to meet challenges, mitigate delays, reduce risk and ultimately provide greater certainty for clients and partners.