Jason Lindsay

General Manager
JMac - Jason Lindsay

Jason’s flexible and approachable management style has taken JMac Constructions from a mid-range landscaping contractor to an industry leader in public infrastructure delivery.

As General Manager, Jason stays well informed of the progress of every project to ensure that JMac teams always strive to exceed client expectations and commercial targets across time, cost, quality, environment, safety, and project management.

Jason embraces BMD Group management principles and works with his team to establish and sustain relationships with every client including some of the country’s most respected developers. A natural leader, Jason empowers his staff to make decisions and focuses on sustaining a business that continues to provide exceptional service and outcomes for its clients.

Jason has over two decades of experience in commercial and administrative roles and has extensive experience in the complexities of balancing natural resource and open space management issues with stakeholder demands.

His expertise and strengths lie in his ability to take a project from concept to completion and to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve positive project outcomes. His knowledge of the state and local government environments is extensive, particularly in relation to the management of ever changing community expectations and when it comes to working within a tight legislative framework.